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How We Increased This E-Commerce Stores Traffic 258% In 6 Months

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What The **** IS SEO?

SEO is likely something you may have heard of or at the very least seen from time to time online. In short, SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization and is the process of increasing visibility in search engines. This is done through various methods such as on-page optimizations, off-page optimizations, content marketing, and so on. One of the main aims of SEO is to rank strongly for various targeted and relevant keywords. How many times have you Googled something and jumped to page 5 to find what you’re looking for? Exactly – and that’s the point of SEO. By ranking strongly you are not only going to increase traffic to your website, but become an authority in your space. That’s why we rank for a number of terms such as “Chicago Website Design“, “Naperville Website Design“, “Naperville SEO“, “Plainfield Website Design“, “Bolingbrook Website Design“, “Small Business Website Design“, and so on.

SEO is a term that has become increasingly tossed around by self-proclaimed “guru’s” who actually have 0 experience or backing to validate their claims. It’s because of this that, unfortunately, the world of SEO has become congested with spammy companies/people pitching you “SEO for $30 a month” or “SEO for $100 a month”. There are two scenarios that can happen with this price point. Either they aren’t going to be doing actual SEO for you, and/or you’re not going to see any sort of results. That’s why choosing a company with a proven track record and making the investment needed to push your business ahead are gonna be vital to the success of your SEO campaign. 

This is exactly what CA Gummy Bears did with their investment in us. Read on to learn how.

Keyword Focused Blog Posts

We created what we called “The Gummy Blog” – a blog that we would aim at using to become a strong organic driver of traffic and rank for several different terms related to their brand. Our plan of attack here was to take keywords and turn them into blog posts. Marketing themselves as a ‘green-based’ healthy alternative to the gummy bear you know and love, we decided to target ingredients and key highlights of the company for keywords in order to drive relevant traffic to their website. One example of this is the search term “Tapioca Syrup vs Corn Syrup” in which they now rank #1. Another example is “Artificial Vs Natural Food Coloring”. After using several keyword research tools such as SEMRush and SE Ranking, along with our internal SEO strategy, we were able to increase traffic by 258% after just 6 months with us. This traffic has remained stable since and is now their #1 source of traffic.

On-Page Optimization

Not only did we focus on keyword research, but we also focused on optimizing the existing website. We did several on-page optimizations such as image compression, css/script minification, and so on to help increase the load time of their website. The load time of a website directly affects the conversion rate of your customers whether that be subconsciously or consciously – it matters. In fact, it matters so much that for every 1 second saved in load time you can expect, generally speaking, a 2% increase in conversion rate. 

When you apply a number like 2% to a large instream of visitors you can quickly see the difference it can make. Having a fast loading time is a key component to ranking well in Google. This was also kept in mind when producing the blog as well as it led to our decision to keep the posts & blog template relatively light and text-based. This helps to ensure that the blog has a very quick and snappy load time.

In addition to that, we applied our keyword research more broadly to the website and updated alt text, meta titles and descriptions, url’s, and more to create a more “search engine friendly” website. All of these things work hand in hand to help increase a website’s visibility.

Importance of SEO

You can see from this short post on how SEO can strongly benefit a business. However, it’s estimated that only 30% of businesses have/invest in an SEO plan. Why is this? It’s hard to say. One could argue that the majority of small to medium sized business owners are unaware of the world of SEO and what it entails. Another theory is that people are worried their investment dollars will go to waste and are scared to get started. We make this process easy at Intuico Digital. Talk to us today and let’s discuss how we can help increase your organic traffic and boost your SEO. No matter what industry you reside in, businesses like CA Gummy Bears are making the investment to get and stay ahead of the competition and establish themselves as an authority in their niche, so what’s holding you back? Let’s do this. Contact us today for a free human driven audit of your current website to get started.

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